Crowdfunding -Tips to get Started

Crowdfunding -Tips to get Started
By Frank Ferraro
Since I started, I’ve had the opportunity of meeting many small business owners and entrepreneurs at various road show events. All seem to have the same questions. “What is crowdfunding all about?” , “How can I raise money with crowdfunding?” , “Is crowdfunding for me?” Although there is no set plan to make your presentation go viral below are a few steps you can keep in mind when creating an online pitch.logo-1-4 - Copy

Your project should:

1. Have a cool product, cause or service, readers and contributor’s want to see unique idea’s, or new spins on old ones. If you are a non- profit or you have a cause, make sure it’s a good one. You should also have a quality presentation page rich with content, such as video’s, text , pictures and more. Design your profile page to give the readers a good reason to fund your project. Also be specific about the rewards funders get. The more readers know about your product the better.

2. Submit your project or cause to us. We encourage you to submit your project the usual way by logging into and creating your profile. We then determine if the project is ready to go live.

3. Personalize your pitch and make the message clear and unique of why you need to get funded.

4. Come to our events if at all possible. You should try and attend one of our road show events and pitch us your story. Or get in front of our live investment audience. We hold corporate road show events in NYC, Boca Raton, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. You can also check out for up and coming events.

5. Market your deal. You don’t need a PR firm or website pro to start a profile page, but it wouldn’t hurt. You should also use your own resources to get the message out. E-mail your data base and update your social media outlets and blogs to start off.

Keep in mind, we’re also entrepreneurs, we want your project to get the exposure needed to get funded. Our success is ultimately derived from your success. So, log on and get started today.