Virtual Connections Are Just The First Step

Virtual Connections Are Just The First Step

Live event, investor relations and social media corporate profilesIn today’s business world you are expected to have an online presence. An online presence consisting of a website and accounts with one, or more, of the many social media networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter. The list continues to grow.

While you are maintaining all this, you have to make sure you are monitoring the growth and message of your online presence. Online reputation management is just another aspect of virtual growth.

In an effort to wear your many business hats stop and ask yourself: Is your attention to maintaining and growing your online presence taking over the time you need to invest in building and maintaining your offline relationships? Continue reading


Building Social Followers With Hashtags

hashtags, social media marketing, twitter, pinterest, instagram, free image use, corporate road showA multitude of questions will come to mind when seeking tips for building followers on social media sites such as Twitter and Pinterest:

 ~ Are you consistent? 
 ~Do you pay attention to peak hours for your audience?
~Is your content a good mix of sharing others’ content and unique content?

There are many elements to creating a relevant and interesting social presence, ranging Continue reading